Four Star Fruit Inc. is proud to bring the Pristine® green seedless grape to your table, a totally unique and delicious grape like you’ve never eaten before.

The Pristine® was developed over twenty-plus years and over 225,000 cross breeds of grape varieties. The result is a remarkable variety of large, crispy, green seedless grape that has all the characteristics consumers and retailers alike covet, including an unbelievably long shelf-life for fresh tasty grapes anytime you want them. The Pristine® has a crisp snappy texture coupled with a taste that starts off with a sweet vanilla streak and ends with a zesty Granny Smith apple finish.

Four Star Fruit Inc. ships the Pristine® all across the United States as well as making it available for export to many countries throughout the world so you will still be able to enjoy this grape wherever you go. The Pristine® is grown in California in the heart of the United States agricultural breadbasket. With the warm California summer months bringing all the flavor and sweetness to the Pristine the climate is perfect for growing a great tasting grape you’ll love

Four Star Fruit has a large number of acres of Pristine® grapes that are farmed, harvested, packed, distributed and sold organically as well. Our organic programs follow all the local, county, state, and federal organic standards put in place and all organic vineyards are certified organic annually by the CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers), one of the top organic certifying bodies in the world.

Four Star Fruit employs the most up to date farming techniques and enlightened labor practices. Environmentally friendly packaging along with solar farms to power a large portion of their energy needs during harvest season contribute to sustainable and earth friendly farming practices with a lower carbon footprint. With our green and sustainable farming practices you will be able to enjoy delicious Pristine® grapes for years to come and you can rest easy that we are doing our part to keep mother earth healthy and clean.

Pristine® can be found in most grocery retailers near you starting in late June and lasting all the way through November.


Pristine® Reviews

"I love your Pristine grapes. I love this crunchy grape with the sweet taste."

-Terri M., Sept. 12, 2017, Facebook review

"Simply the VERY BEST grapes I have ever had in my life! Crisp, bursting with flavor, juicy and delicious! PLEASE keep up the good work!!!"

-Nerissa B., Aug. 19, 2016, Facebook review

"The green seedless table grapes are the BEST grapes I’ve ever eaten!! Wow! I will not buy any other brand, EVER!! Delicious, crisp, juicy and huge. Yum!!!"

-Kelli W., Oct. 2, 2014, Facebook review